BCI & Organic

We have our current supplier/manufacturer who are doing BCI (Best Cotton Initiative) & Organic based order for customer and retailer around the world. Most of our BCI & Organic yarn is coming from India and BCI fabrics is coming from China. We are able to do 100% BCI, 100% Organic cotton based any kind of garments. Apparently we are doing BCI/Organic in mix with regular cotton like 10-50% BCI/Organic and 90-50% regular cotton based as well.


We have our current supplier/manufacturer who are certified by fair trade organization for Fair trade clothing Manufacture. We are able to produce only Jersey T-shirt for Fair Trade based order in Bangladesh and most of our fair trade yarn is coming from India.


We offer a unique blend of RECYCLED yarn made of 65% recycled cotton and 35% recycle PET.

After all, we want to live in a world where innovations and visions can continue to thrive – forever.

We actively promote sustainability in fashion, defend fair wages and workers’ rights, in turn helping the end user shop in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner.